Our Neighborhood

We live on Long Island, NY.  Our neighborhood is beautiful, quiet, safe, and kid-friendly. We have a nice and spacious home with an adorable backyard full of grass and lots of flowers. We spend a lot of time back there in the summer barbecuing with family and friends.


There are plenty of parks, libraries, schools, and beaches close by. The schools are one of the best in the country. We love to go to New York City and visit the museums and watch Broadway shows, attend soccer games.

We grew up on Croatia and think of it as our home away from home. Croatia is so special to us because we both have family & friends who still live there, and when we go back we get to spend time with those who we love and miss dearly. All of our extended family can't wait to welcome a baby into our lives. 


Family & Friends

We are deeply connected with our family and friends... and our family and friends are also very connected with us. They are very important to us. Our parents are very involved in our lives. Stanislav has a brother and sister and nieces. Gordana has a sister and a niece. We spend a lot of time with them.


We have family in Croatia. We look forward to visiting them every year, for a month each summer. We spent at least one month of our summer vacation. Croatia is a beautiful island where we share long family meals filled with laughter and good food! There is swimming, sailing and beach time. Just spending this time with our family makes the trip so special. We enjoy family lunch and dinners, swimming, sailing, and other summer activities.